Get Beautiful Skin Through Raw Food Diet

There is no doubt every woman desires to have to have beautiful skin. The beauty industry will never collapse because women all over the world are constantly on the search for the miracle product that can give them glowing, beautiful skin. Yet, to have a lasting transformation on our complexion, we should pay attention to our diet and nutrition

It is believed that a raw food diet has the ability to feed our skin with the vital nutrients to give us the radiant look. As raw food did not go through the cooking process, much of its living enzymes and vitamins are still intact, hence eating raw food is able to provide our skin with moisture. And, we all know that well moisturized skin is more resistant to wrinkles formation.

The condition of our skin is a good indication of our internal health. Eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to get ample vitamins, fiber and minerals into your body. As you diligently add raw food to your diet, you will gradually notice your face showing a healthy glow and radiance.

Much has been said of the efficacy of vitamin C in skin care products to reduce wrinkles. Wouldn’t it be better to take it directly from natural food source? Vitamin C is crucial for fair, radiant and beautiful skin. A lack of vitamin C in our body results in skin problems such as dark spots, freckles and wrinkles. Foods rich in vitamin C includes custard apple, orange, longan, kiwi, guava, strawberry, pomelo and papaya..

So, just what is considered a raw food diet? Well, a diet is considered a raw food diet if it consists of at least 75% raw, uncooked fruits, vegetables, sprouts, etc. It is believed that raw and living foods contain essential food enzymes, which are thought to be destroyed in the cooking process, i.e. heating foods above 116°F.

Generally, raw diet eaters have a particular technique to prepare foods. These include sprouting seeds, grains and beans; soaking nuts and dried fruits; and juicing fruits and vegetables. The only form of cooking that is sometimes used is the dehydrator, which blows hot air through the food but never reaches a temperature beyond 116°F.

You may be wondering by now if you have to follow the regimen so strictly? Of course not. However, it is beneficial to incorporate some of these techniques and ideas into your diet. If you have the habit of snacking at work, you may want to eat carrots instead of cookies and chips. Though it may not be that good a comfort food, it certainly gives you better health benefits and beautiful skin. Nowadays, pre-packed salads or sliced fruits are easily available in the supermarkets, so there really shouldn’t be any more excuses for not having time to prepare raw food.

Although these are not necessary organic foods, raw food is still a better option than cooked or processed food. If you can afford the time, you can buy organic food and slice them yourself. Radiant, beautiful skin begins with a balanced, nutritious and healthy diet. As the saying goes – ‘You are what you eat’, start incorporating raw food into your diet today and you will have beautiful skin in no time.

Overcome Your WoW Addiction With the Help of Subliminal Messages

Millions of people all over the world play World of Warcraft – if you are reading this article then maybe you do too. It has been acclaimed as one of the most interactive and accomplished games ever.

However, every year 1000s of people find themselves totally addicted – with school children spending all evening and all of their weekends playing, office workers playing in their lunch hours and getting home then logging straight on.

At some point however it becomes much more than just a computer game, it starts to invade your life – lowering the quality of your schoolwork, or damaging your career, and especially it ends your social life completely. This has come to be known online as WoW addiction.

Can Subliminal Messages Help Overcome Warcraft Addiction?

you may be sceptical as howwubliminal messages will help youto beat your wow addiction, but it’s actually quite simple: subliminal messages will penetrate your mind and eliminate your negative thoughts which are having a negative influence upon your life.

These suggestions build in your subconscious mind to help you to adopt new behavior and ultimately end your addiction and help you to get your life back – here are some sample affirmations used in a wow addiction album:

  • I will stop playing world of warcraft
  • Stopping playing world of warcraft is easy
  • I want my life back
  • Every day it gets easier to resist
  • Each day my addiction lessens
  • I am free from my warcraft habit

Subliminal messages work gradually, however, in time these beliefs are embedded deep in your subconscious mind and eventually whole whole belief system changes. – it is not a magic cure but if you are serious about overcoming your addiction then subliminal messages will give you a boost, and possibly your best chance of overcoming your wow addiction.

As I’ve said, it isn’t a magic cure, but if you really do want to end your warcraft addiction then this will give you the mental strength and the best possible chance of succeeding.

Intervention – Helping an Addict to See the Truth and Seek Help

Drug addiction is, to a large degree, an awareness problem. The addict is no longer fully aware of what he is doing or what the consequences of those actions might be. This is not to say the addict is stupid. Stupid and unaware are two very different things. But the results of stupidity and the results of being unaware can be the same.

Raising awareness does not have to be a painful or dangerous process. It seems that some addicts will stubbornly refuse to see the truth until they experience some horrific, near-death overdose, or a trip to jail. But the real key is only the awareness. If we can get them to see those possible outcomes and understand that that is the future if they do not change, their awareness will come up just as though they had had a near-miss themselves.

Getting the user to the point of realizing that drug addiction is ruining his life can be accomplished with effective education. Making it clear to them that the penalties are real and are close at hand will cause a rise in awareness just as sure as a ride in an ambulance.

When it becomes necessary for others to step in and try to convince the addict that the direction their life has taken is a path to destruction it has already gotten out of hand and professional intervention might be needed.

There are several things that the professional interventionist will do in attempting to bring this drug addict to the understanding that the road he or she is on will eventually end in death.

First, it is necessary to establish fully that the only purpose of the intervention is to help them see the truth, not to force them into anything. Nor is this an attempt to change their minds about who they are or who is really in charge in their life. They must make up their own minds if any treatment will ever work on them.

This is a very important point and must not be skipped. If the drug user begins to feel trapped or that he or she is giving up self determinism, you can forget the whole thing. Even if they do get into treatment, they must eventually be there on their own choice or it will be a waste of time.

A professional interventionist will be aware of these things, but it is vital that the family also knows how important the addict’s participation is in treatment. Drugs have been “doing things” to the addict for so long, it has to now be the addict’s turn to do things to himself. He will purposely take control of a life that has been off the rails and put it back into a condition of improvement.

If we keep these things in mind, and if the detox rehab treatment center chosen is actually one that will not simply add new drugs and new addiction to this person’s life. The chances are good that the outcome will be a drug-free individual and a person for whom the future carries promise and hope.