Get Beautiful Skin Through Raw Food Diet

There is no doubt every woman desires to have to have beautiful skin. The beauty industry will never collapse because women all over the world are constantly on the search for the miracle product that can give them glowing, beautiful skin. Yet, to have a lasting transformation on our complexion, we should pay attention to our diet and nutrition

It is believed that a raw food diet has the ability to feed our skin with the vital nutrients to give us the radiant look. As raw food did not go through the cooking process, much of its living enzymes and vitamins are still intact, hence eating raw food is able to provide our skin with moisture. And, we all know that well moisturized skin is more resistant to wrinkles formation.

The condition of our skin is a good indication of our internal health. Eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to get ample vitamins, fiber and minerals into your body. As you diligently add raw food to your diet, you will gradually notice your face showing a healthy glow and radiance.

Much has been said of the efficacy of vitamin C in skin care products to reduce wrinkles. Wouldn’t it be better to take it directly from natural food source? Vitamin C is crucial for fair, radiant and beautiful skin. A lack of vitamin C in our body results in skin problems such as dark spots, freckles and wrinkles. Foods rich in vitamin C includes custard apple, orange, longan, kiwi, guava, strawberry, pomelo and papaya..

So, just what is considered a raw food diet? Well, a diet is considered a raw food diet if it consists of at least 75% raw, uncooked fruits, vegetables, sprouts, etc. It is believed that raw and living foods contain essential food enzymes, which are thought to be destroyed in the cooking process, i.e. heating foods above 116°F.

Generally, raw diet eaters have a particular technique to prepare foods. These include sprouting seeds, grains and beans; soaking nuts and dried fruits; and juicing fruits and vegetables. The only form of cooking that is sometimes used is the dehydrator, which blows hot air through the food but never reaches a temperature beyond 116°F.

You may be wondering by now if you have to follow the regimen so strictly? Of course not. However, it is beneficial to incorporate some of these techniques and ideas into your diet. If you have the habit of snacking at work, you may want to eat carrots instead of cookies and chips. Though it may not be that good a comfort food, it certainly gives you better health benefits and beautiful skin. Nowadays, pre-packed salads or sliced fruits are easily available in the supermarkets, so there really shouldn’t be any more excuses for not having time to prepare raw food.

Although these are not necessary organic foods, raw food is still a better option than cooked or processed food. If you can afford the time, you can buy organic food and slice them yourself. Radiant, beautiful skin begins with a balanced, nutritious and healthy diet. As the saying goes – ‘You are what you eat’, start incorporating raw food into your diet today and you will have beautiful skin in no time.

The Making of a Successful Beauty Salon

If you want to go into business for yourself and start your own beauty salon there are many things to consider before you rent a location or buy any beauty salon equipment. When starting any business it is important to have a business plan so you have clear goals to work towards. Creating a business plan may help you think in more detail about what kind of business you really want, in the short and long term.

Fulfill A Need
Of course you want to build a business that fits your skill set, but you also want to build a business that fits the needs of the customers in the area. If your specialty is hair you’ll want to focus on building a hair salon, but if you know there is a lack of manicure or pedicure services in the area you may want to partner with or hire someone with experience in this field so you can add these services to your beauty salon.

It is a good idea to talk to a wide variety of people to know what they are saying about other salons in the area; if the other salons are lacking in a service maybe you can jump in and fill a need. This is a great way to get customers into a new business. Once you get them in the door you can provide good service and focus on keeping them as regular customers.

Other Important Considerations
Part of attracting and keeping regular customers will include the design or layout of your salon, how easy it is to get in and out of the business and providing enough qualified staff, services and hours of operation to fill the needs of your customers. Little things can mean a lot to some customers and something like a location that is hard to get to can stop some people from trying your salon, unless you are already well established with a great reputation.

Another important factor in creating a successful beauty salon is having beauty salon equipment that is well maintained and in good condition. Having equipment that doesn’t work very well or is torn/damaged will send a negative message to the customer.