Understanding The Other Dental Specialty Your Dentist Might Practice

Twice a year, we make that same appointment to have our teeth checked by our dentist. But what we don’t know is what other specialties our dentists practice. You can ask them directly so you know what other things they can or cannot do. And, this may just make you more interested in what they do.

It’s important to know what your dentist can do so that you know you are going to the right one. You will also get to learn more about dentistry and all the things that can help in your very own dental care. There is also the possibility o you saving money by changing your dentist because there might be a better one who knows what you need.

Knowing what the other dental specialty is that your dentist practices in will definitely give you more input about what your choices are when it comes to your dental health. Here are a few dental specialties that you can research about. You will definitely learn something new.

Saving Your Teeth

There are some dentists out there who work with the other dental specialty known as Endodontics. This is a specialty that revolves around how to save problem teeth instead of getting rid of them. Basically, a dentist who has this other dental specialty will look for ways to treat your teeth and prevent them from becoming problematic. One of the procedures that fall under this specialty is the root canal. You may have heard of this Endodontic procedure.

Fixing Teeth

Once of the nice things to know is that we don’t always have to have a tooth pulled, especially if it’s not causing any real problems. One other dental specialty is all about fixing teeth and it is known as Orthodontics. Dentists in this field look for ways to fix problems like the realignment of your teeth. What they can do is straighten your teeth if they are crooked. The Orthodontist is the person who provides braces or retainers.

Dentist’s For Children

While dentists can fix teeth for anybody, it is advisable that a child visit one who can work with the other dental specialty known as Pedodontics. This basically is an area or branch of dentistry that specifically addresses the oral care of children. A pediatric dentist also has training in child psychology because children have to deal with different fears that adults are already used to.

Beyond The Teeth

There are also dentists who study things specifically other than teeth. These dentists study the other dental specialty known as Periodontics. This is the study of the gums and other areas that surround the teeth. Dentists who study the problems around the teeth can pinpoint and prevent many problems that people suffer from today. A dentist will usually send someone to a Periodontist if that person is suffering from any gum diseases or gum complications.


You may have heard of someone getting new teeth after having experienced an accident. This situation is not unheard of and it is something that can be addressed medically. Through the other dental specialty known as Prosthodontics, one can get a new set of replacement teeth. This is the area of dentistry that specifically deals with restoring dental health in someone who has suffered dental losses through injury or major disease.

A Guide to Dental Implants in a Recession

The economy has made everyone cost conscious, but it’s important that people do not cut corners on dental care. When it comes to dentistry, and dental implants in particular, cost-cutting measures can actually lead to higher costs in the future.

People should not stop their routine checkups, because canceling them can backfire. Checkups and dental cleanings actually help patients save on costlier treatment in the long run because they help prevent problems or treat them before they become complicated and costly to fix.

Dental implants, in particular, are procedures in which cost should not be the only consideration, even in a recession. Dental implants are supposed to be with patients for the rest of their lives, so it’s important they are of the highest quality.

The quality of surgeon is also essential. Dentists offering reduced-rate procedures, with off-brand dental implants, should make patients think twice.

Implants done by “traveling surgeons,” ones who go into a dental office, perform a few implant cases, and then move on, can lead headaches down the road. In such a situation, poor follow up is not untypical and many times there is no real protocol for managing complications should one arise.

An ideal surgeon is one who can provide proper follow up at a stable practice. Patients should also look for dentists or oral surgeons who keep up with their education by taking continuing education classes, lecturing, or publishing articles regularly.

When it comes to dental implants, the importance of a top quality surgeon, materials, and follow-up protocol cannot be overstated. Dental implants are supposed to last a lifetime, so it pays to have the absolute best.